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As promised, here are the answers to the weekend’s pop quiz. Prepare to be surprised. At least, I was.

Closings during the first half of 2013, across all Epcon communities, show the order of popularity of the models as this:

1. Canterbury; 2. Palazzo; 3. Portico; 4. Abbey; 5. Promenade

How did you do? I failed miserably, getting only the first and last ones correct.


While we’re considering statistics, here are some others that you might find interesting. Listed below are the average settlement prices for each model, again for all Epcon homes, again for the first half of the year:






Options on attached homes averaged $17,439, while options on detached homes averaged $36,827.


Finally, an update on the Abbey-Canterbury duplex that I photographed last week. It has now been landscaped, and, oh what a difference. This weekend a couple of neighbors suggested I go check it out, calling it the most beautiful lot in our community. They might just be right!




duplex landscaped

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