Pop Quiz #2

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Which of the Epcon models listed below was the most popular with buyers during the first half of 2013? Which sold the fewest? In fact, as long as you’re at it, rank all of them from 1 to 5, with 1 being the highest seller. Keep in mind that this is not specific to one community or builder partner. These statistics are across all Epcon communities. And why, you might ask, am I privy to this information?

I have my ways.






Answers will be posted Monday. Good luck!


  1. Jan DAmico says

    Caryl, my guesses: 1. Canterbury 2. Abbey 3. Portico 4. Promenade 5. Palazzo

    I think I may have #3 and 4 reversed though. No scientific reason for my selection, just a feeling. The Brunch today was great! What a wonderful group of people live here. We are so fortunate to have decided to live here. Jan


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