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OK, class, get your number 2 pencils ready. And no fair using your phone to look up information.

Question #1: What is the structure pictured from two angles below?



Yes, this might seem like a trick question. The architecture is certainly recognizable. But the pieces don’t fit together in a way that we are used to seeing them. It can’t be a standalone home. It isn’t a quad either. So what is it?

Answer: It’s a duplex. A one Canterbury + one Abbey duplex.

Question #2: Why did Wilcox Communities build this duplex?

Answer: It’s the right fit for its lot.

Question #3: Who would want to live in this duplex?

Answer: Actually, quite a few people did. Carol had a number of customers who found the location and smaller building attractive. The lucky duplex owners will close in the next couple of weeks.

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