Month: May 2013

Sunshine and Flowers and Peace and Love…oh, my!

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Neighbors / Social Life

It was a far out, groovy morning at Maples at the Sonatas as we gathered for our third annual Flower Power event. It’s no secret that we love a reason to share a cup of coffee and socialize. And if there’s one thing we love even more, it’s getting something free. Yesterday, that was flowers. It was our sales consultant, Carol Lyons, who started this event and nicknamed it Flower Power. The name is catchy […]

A Tour of the Corporate Canterbury

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Wilcox People

The Chicago headquarters of Wilcox Communities blends so seamlessly into its surroundings that you would never suspect it was there. But don’t look for it in Chicago; it is actually located in Plainfield in the Wilcox community of Villas at Fox Run. There, tucked into a Canterbury home that from the outside looks just like every other Canterbury in the community, is the office of one of the fastest growing builders in the Midwest. In […]