Decisions, Decisions, Choices, Choices

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Home Elements/Decorating

Attached or unattached home?

Canterbury or Abbey, with their sunrooms and vaulted ceilings?

Promenade, Portico, or Palazzo, with their courtyards and tray ceilings?

At times, homebuyers in an Epcon Community may feel bombarded by decisions.

Inventory home or brand new home?

Private location or keep-an-eye-on-what’s-going-on location?

And those are just the preliminary decisions. Once they are made, it is time to deal with the myriad choices for customizing the interior of your new home. How will you divvy up your budget for upgrades? And before you say you won’t have any upgrades, think again. Almost every one does in the end.

Even those of us who buy finished homes have choices open to us, whether we ask for a countertop or appliance to be swapped out or we make changes on our own after purchasing.

The dizzying array of interior choices can be both exciting and overwhelming. But those selections are what make our homes our own. This customizing process keeps my Abbey from being just like any of the other Abbeys in my community. Yes, we have the same dimensions and floor plan. But in just about every other way, the homes are distinctively our own.

Last week I tried polling a handful of my neighbors to determine the most popular upgrades. But it didn’t work very well. My sample was too small, and my directions were not clear enough. So I’d like to try again.

If you are willing, please take the poll that follows. There is only one question. I have included a list of a dozen upgrades and options available in our homes. Please choose no more than four (4) that you would recommend as “must haves.”

But first, some disclaimers. #1: My friend and our sales representative Carol Lyons will be unhappy with me if I leave you with the idea that buyers are limited to just four upgrades. Of course, you may choose as many as you like and your budget will allow. #2: My list does not include all of the available options. #3: Options change from time to time.

OK, here’s the poll. Thank you in advance for taking it. I’ll share the results with you in an upcoming post.


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